Gould, Kuykendall, Guillaume, Marr and White Victorious At Inaugural Texas Big Four

By Steven Young

BELLS, Tex. (November 2) — The Inaugural Texas Big Four at the Grayson County Speedway in Bells, Texas is in the books.

In the Modified feature, it was a renewal of a Gould Chassis Red River rivalry, as Oklahoma’s William Gould and Texas native Matt Guillaume faced off head-to-head early on.

Gould built a decent lead during the first handful of circuits, but as the lead duo approached the back of the field, Guillaume reeled in a passed Gould for the lead lap ten.

Gould used lapped traffic to regain the lead, however, in turns one and two on lap eleven, going on to steadily rebuild his advantage over Guillaume.

One final caution with eleven laps remaining cleared the track for Gould as he continued on for the victory. He was followed home by Michael Ables in second, and Guillaume third.

Gould was pleased with the surface post race, saying, “well, honestly, this is about like what we run on every week here. I was more than frustrated earlier today, but Mike Van Genderen, Barry Braun, and all the crew kept working and working, and got it back like it normally is.”

Guillaume wasn’t shutout on the night, however, as he won the IMCA Stock Car feature earlier in the evening.

It was fairly straight forward for Guillaume, who held off Westin Abbey after a caution midway through the twenty-five lapper. Abbey, who took the second spot early with a power move around the top of turns three and four from Shelby Williams, remained on Guillaume’s bumper for the majority of the race.

In the Southern SportMod feature, Gregory Muirhead was the class of the field for the majority of the caution marred, thirty lap affair, but a late restart paid off for eighth starting Kasey Kuykendall, as he took the lead for good on lap twenty-seven. He was followed home by Muirhead and Rodney White.

“I got stuck on the outside on the start, and went way back. Then we had that little break with the wreck on the front stretch, and I don’t know how I made it through. The top came in, and that’s where we were.”

The Factory Stock feature capped off the program, and it was Paul Peters who lead early. Rodney White, who finished third in the Sport Mod feature, remained within a car of Peters until they caught lapped traffic.

White took the point before the ten lap mark, and continued to lead until a caution with thirteen circuits remaining.

White continued to hold off Peters until a pair of cautions with two laps left, one of which ended Peters’ night. White held on for the win, with Jeff White and Sean Hill following in second and third respectively.

“It turned out pretty good whenever I was in the front, cause those restarts were killing me. I don’t know if it was tires or what, it was just starting to slip around.”

White also won the Economy Mod feature, as he was unchallenged for the duration of the twenty lap event. Much like the Factory feature he won later in the evening, White had to deal with a few restarts as the leader. But, unlike the Factory feature, White was able to rebuild a solid lead on each restart on his was to his first win of the evening.

Brandon Sexton and Gary Williams were second and third. Seventh finishing Mark Marr won Friday’s Eco Mod feature.

Special thanks to Debra Hix of Hix Photography for all victory lane photos.


IMCA Modifieds – 1. William Gould, Calera, Okla.; 2. Michael Ables, Caddo, Okla.; 3. Matt Guillaume, Haslet; 4. Travis Mosley, Batesville, Ark.; 5. Joe Gomez, Blue Ridge; 6. Lance Hanson, Red Oak; 7. Mike Hathcock, Venus; 8. Rusty Belcher, Southmayd; 9. Chris Webb, Hendrix, Okla.; 10. Christopher Luttmer, Saint Jo; 11. Shane Clement, Bonham; 12. Jerry Ensey, Marietta, Okla.; 13. Matt Deaver, Wills Point; 14. Casey McAllister, Pottsboro; 15. Brint Hartwick, Rose Bud, Ark.; 16. Jason Gomez, Princeton; DNS – Cory Davis, Eunice, N.M.

IMCA Southern SportMods – 1. Kasey Kuykendall, Howe; 2. Gregory Muirhead, Mabank; 3. Rodney White, Ector; 4. Blaine Shives, Leonard; 5. Chad Cox, Bonham; 6. Trevor Raney, Sherman; 7. Chase Vineyard, Davis, Okla.; 8. Matthew Day, Farmersville; 9. Michael McCullough, Denison; 10. R.C. Gregg, Denison; 11. Aaron Alley, Lakeside City; 12. Martin Poole, Trenton; 13. Donnie Hix, Sadler; 14. Rowdy Day, Greenville; 15. Kelly Gann, Howe; 16. Justin White, Ector; 17. Shelby Williams, Bonham; 18. Brandon Watson, Denison; 19. Kelly Williams, Bonham; 20. Matt Goswick, Greenville; 21. Jeremy Henry, Sherman; 22. James Craig, Denison; 23. Josh Short, Denison; 24. Eric Franklin, Royse City.

IMCA Stock Cars – 1. Matt Guillaume, Haslet; 2. Westin Abbey, Comanche; 3. Shelby Williams, Bonham; 4. Cary White, Lamesa; 5. Gary Williams, Bonham; 6. John Winters, Pattonville; 7. Bryce Pritchett, Crandall; 8. William Gould, Calera, Okla.; DNS – Steve Ott, Ardmore, Okla.; Lewis Blackwood, Temple; Dustin Mooney, Forney.

Factory Stocks – 1. Rodney White, Ector; 2. Jeff White, Ector; 3. Sean Hill, Grand Prairie; 4. Sonny Schoffen, Celina; 5. Lee McCullough, Combine; 6. Walter Hamilton, Dallas; 7. Timothy Cashion, Grand Prairie; 8. Shannon Hartline, Ivanhoe; 9. Josh Landers, Princeton; 10. Eric Franklin, Royse City; 11. Martin Poole, Trenton; 12. Eric Whitaker, Paris; 13. Matt Rust, Farmersville; 14. Paul Peters, Bells; 15. Bryce Pritchett, Crandall; 16. Dustin Choate, Forney; 17. Tristan McCullough, Crandall; 18. David Newton, Combine; 19. Mark Marr, Van Alstyne; 20. Jeremy Emmons, Athens; 21. Andie Vickrey, Denison; 22. Chris Avery, Denison; 23. Jerry Cowart, Plano; 24. Ruben Broussard, Paradise.

Eco Mods (Saturday) – 1. Rodney White, Ector; 2. Brandon Sexton, Colbert, Okla.; 3. Gary Williams, Bonham; 4. Mikel Wingate, Ardmore, Okla.; 5. Shawn Marquez Jr., Sherman; 6. Juan Grijalva, Bonham; 7. Mark Marr, Van Alstyne; 8. Chris Parks, Denison; 9. Clayton Gross, Crandall; 10. Casey Capps, Trenton; 11. Jonathan Dickson, Springer, Okla.; 12. Dustin Hector, Ardmore, Okla.; 13. Bubba Ross, Tishomingo, Okla.; 14. Dennes Bowles, Sherman; 15. Steve McBride, Sherman; 16. Brent Yates, Ravenna; 17. Shawn Marquez, Denison; 18. Riley Dickson, Whitesboro; 19. Walter Hamilton, Dallas; 20. Corey Ross, Tishomingo, Okla.

Eco Mods (Friday) – 1. Mark Marr, Van Alstyne; 2. Juan Grijalva, Bonham; 3. Clayton Gross, Crandall; 4. Chris Parks, Denison; 5. Gary Redman, Ector; 6. Matthew Petz, Sherman; 7. Mikel Wingate, Ardmore, Okla.; 8. Dustin Hector, Ardmore, Okla.; 9. Jonathan Dickson, Springer, Okla.; 10. Brent Yates, Ravenna; 11. Steve McBride, Sherman; 12. Brandon Sexton, Colbert, Okla.; 13. Gary Williams, Bonham; 14. Walter Hamilton, Dallas; 15. CJ Johnson, Ada, Okla.; 16. Matt Wagner, Sherman; 17. Ed Marquez, Bells; 18. Shawn Marquez Jr., Sherman; 19. Riley Dickson, Whitesboro; 20. Dennes Bowles, Sherman; 21. Bubba Ross, Tishomingo, Okla.; 22. Shawn Marquez, Denison; DNS – Bryan McCollum, Denison; Corey Ross, Tishomingo, Okla.