Dirt Dominator

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2019 Texas Big 4 Dirt Dominator
Grayson County Speedway – Bells, TX

*DISCLAIMER – 8 cars must be entered in a class to have a Dirt Dominator.

1. Modifieds, SportMods, Stock Cars, and Factory Stocks all have Dirt Dominators scheduled. However, if a class cannot reach the required car count (8), that Dirt Dominator will not be run.
2. The bracket will be set up based on order of pre entry received. The bracket is subject to change based on availability of drivers and will not be finalized until the day of the event (October 31, 2019).
3. Each round will be a 1 on 1 style contest. The race official will guide the competitors and start the competition on the back stretch of the speedway. Drivers will take the green flag, then white, then checkered. The loser pulls off of the track and the winner moves on and pulls to the infield while the next set of drivers prepares to fire up. This is repeated until the final round.
4. The prize is $1000, winner-take-all style.