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2019 Texas Big 4 Rules and Procedures
Updated October 30, 2019

1. “A” Features will start a maximum of 24 cars.
2. Lap counts are as follows:
a) Heat races will be 8 laps.
b) “B” Features will be 10-12 laps depending on car count.
c) “A” Features will be 20 laps for Eco Mods, 25 laps for Factory Stocks, SportMods, and Stock Cars, and 30 laps for Modifieds.
3. Heat races will be ran in 2 sets. When drivers check in, they will draw from a pool of 100 numbers to determine the starting grid for the first set of heat races. The second set of heats will be an inverted lineup based off the finish from the first set of heats. (Eco Mods will only run 1 set of heat races as they are running a full show)
4. Points are awarded during the heat races for Feature lineup purposes only. 1st place – 50 points; 2nd – 45; 3rd – 42; 4th – 39; 5th – 36; 6th – 33; 7th – 30; 8th – 27; 9th – 24; 10th – 21. Any disqualified car will receive 0 points. Any car that does not make the call for a heat will also get 0 points.
5. Feature lineups will first be determined by points earned in the heat races. 12 cars from each class will move directly into the “A” Feature lineup. The rest will line up the same way for the “B” Feature(s). Tiebreakers are determined by fastest lap time recorded during the heat races.
a) If there are not enough cars to fill out a 24-car field, the rest of the competitors will fill out the remainder of the “A” Feature lineup by points.
b) If a driver’s transponder does not work, they will not have a fastest recorded lap time and will be behind any point tiebreakers they may be involved in.
6. RACEceivers and Transponders are required. The default RACEceiver channel (454.00) will be utilized. For transponders, the Westhold system will be used. If a competitor does not have a transponder, they will be available to rent during the event.

1. No driver may attempt to qualify more than one car in heat races. No car may be driven in more than one set of heat races. If qualified driver scratches after heat, lineup will be made and positions adjusted by crisscross. If qualified driver changes car for the “A”, or non-qualified driver/car changes car/driver for “B”, those drivers must start in the last position. Once car is staged, driver cannot change cars for that race.
2. Races will be lined up according to these rules:
a) In all qualifying races (heats and “B” features), on a first-lap restart, the “cause” car will be sent to the rear and there will be a double-file restart. Cars move straight up to fill positions.
b) After one lap is completed, all restarts will be double-file, nose-to-tail, with the the leader alone out front, the “cause” car is sent to the rear, and second place has lane choice.
c) Once a caution flag is out, the field is frozen. Any car that has crossed the start/finish line will line up as such. Any car that has not crossed will revert to the order of last completed lap.
d) In all feature events, after one lap is completed, all restarts will be double-file, nose-to-tail, with the leader alone out front. 2nd place car has the choice of inside or outside of row 2. 4th place car always goes to the inside of row 3, and the rest of the field fills positions in a staggered manner. Track officials reserve the right to institute single-file restarts at any point of any race at their own discretion.
3. A 1-spin rule will be in effect in each qualifying race (heats and B’s). A driver causing a caution will be sent to the pits. Any intentional cautions will not be tolerated and will result in the driver being parked.
4. If a heat or “B” feature is stopped after the white flag is displayed, the race is scored on positions as though there is a restart. “A” feature races must be finished under green flag conditions. If an “A” feature race is stopped after the white flag is displayed, there will be a green, white, checkered restart. If the first car has taken the checkered flag, the race is scored on positions as though there is a restart.
5. All work on cars must be done in the designated work area, and car will go to rear of field. There will be no waiting for cars to change tires, etc. Driver can go to the work area at any time, and will go to rear.
6. Procedural rules not addressed here will be referred to IMCA rulebook regarding general procedures.
7. EIRI—Except in rare instances. Decisions of officials are final and binding without exception. In some cases, track procedural or safety rules may take precedence over IMCA rules.

1. Top 4 cars in the heat races will be weighed and inspected immediately following each race. All qualifying cars will be weighed and inspected immediately following each “B” Feature. Winner weighs first. If the tires on any car fail testing by the tire sniffer, that driver is disqualified from competition for the remainder of the event.
2. The top five cars in the “A” Feature will be weighed and will report directly to inspection area.
3. Any car disqualified for weight rule violation after feature shall be awarded last position pay.
4. Any car disqualified for illegal equipment after feature shall receive no pay.


1-915 (5 Total)
10-2024 (8 Total)
21-3034 (12 Total)
31-4043 (12 Total)
41-5052 (10 Total)
51-6061 (6 Total)
61-8081 (8 Total)